I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with video and exploring new avenues of visual communication and art. A few years ago I began learning Premiere Pro and After Effects to create animated online ads. The skills I picked up (and continue to hone) have allowed me to edit video and create motion graphics for companies such as Powderhouse – producer of PBS Nova specials — and assemble promo videos for small businesses. My series of abstract videos called “Tripping on Wires” was featured at the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, NM in June, 2018.

From my recent video art project ``Tripping on Wires``

The full series of fifteen videos was shown at the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe in June, 2018.

This one is called ``Sound is Vibration``

Below are some of my recent video editing projects

Here are some After Effects motion graphics projects I've worked on

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