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A Little About Me

I’m a Boston-based Graphic Designer, Musician and Video Editor. As a designer I’ve created everything from brochures to billboards, websites to trade show banners, logos to animated ads, and much more. As a musician I’ve toured Europe and North America and have been featured in video games. In both of these fields I’ve been lucky enough to work with many talented people, which has led to numerous awards. Video Editing and Motion Graphics are my latest obsessions and I’m learning more techniques and skills everyday. Overall, I’m grateful to be able make a living being creative and helping businesses succeed.

I am an experienced graphic designer with a wide variety of skills. My clients range from local bands to multinational corporations. I strive for clean designs that communicate effectively with both style and substance. I’ve worked with creative teams at design/ad agencies, and as a solo art department and e-commerce manager at a startup, and on my own I have a group of loyal, appreciative freelance clients. I find all these situations rewarding — as long as I’m doing quality work, I’m happy.

As a Berklee College of Music graduate I can play and compose in many styles, and I’ve played guitar in bands since I was 12. With the bands Think Tree and Count Zero I toured North America and Europe, have won numerous awards and have been featured in the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. I’m working on my second solo record and recently release a collection of experimental, collage music.

I am becoming more and more proficient with both Premiere Pro and After Effects. I recently compiled and edited many hours of footage down to nineteen, three-minute, narrated dog breed videos for the American Kennel Club’s website (while freelancing for Powderhouse — producer of many PBS Nova specials). I’ve also been creating promo videos for various small businesses in the Boston area.

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